How to Decorate for the Summer

Get rid of your winter decorations and start bringing in your summer best! Summer decorating can be a ton of fun, with so many bright colors, fun fabrics, and bold patterns to choose from. There’s a lot that goes into it, and you’ll want to make the best of this fashion-friendly season.

Here are some tips for decorating your home for the summer:

Colors outside

Summer means you’ll want to entertain outdoors. Prep your outdoor furniture with brightly colored pillows and throws. Try an indoor-outdoor rug on the patio, full of bright colors.


Time to switch your duvet cover! Pick soft colors with beach patterns. Make sure the fabric is light, like linen or a soft cotton.

DIY accessories

Try doing some boho crafts, like macrame. You can also try woven wall hangings or framed art.


A porch is an excellent way to eat outside in the summer. Put out some summery furniture and colorful accessories to make it feel inviting and exciting.


String lights are great at setting an ambiance. A classic white light can go with any decor and works for most occasions.

If you’re looking to brighten up small spaces of your house, try using plug-in swag lighting.

Shower curtain

Switching out your shower curtain to a bright and cheerful one is easy and cheap. Maybe even get some bright towels to match.

Floor seating

Try some floor cushions or pillows for some casual summer seating. It’s a ton of fun in the warm weather.

Source: freshome

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