How to Declutter

Feeling like your home needs to be more intentional? Like you have a lot of personal belongings but don’t know what to get rid of?

Here’s a 1-5 scale of how to decide what really matters to you. Once you’re done, your home will only hold the things you really want.

Number 5

Items in this category are belongings you absolutely cannot get rid of. They include necessities, such as your car and business files, as well as things that have large significance, such as photos and family heirlooms.

Number 4

This category is for possessions you use regularly and things that would be challenging to replace. It often includes certain pieces of clothing, furniture, sheets, and towels.

Number 3

This is for items that are a part of your life but not used very frequently. Generally, it’s for things you haven’t used in the last half of a year.

Number 2

This is for belongings that you barely use. However, they are still items you don’t want to get rid of.

Number 1

These are the possessions that you don’t ever utilize. You might find things like kitchen tools, wrapping paper, or antiquated electronics.

Now what?

Once you understand the scale, start placing all of your items into each category. You’ll likely find you don’t have a lot of 2s and 3s and you’re happy to get rid of them.

When evaluating if you want to keep something, make sure to ask yourself how much you like it, if it has special significance, and can it be replaced if you find you need it again. It’s also important to be sure your choices about your possessions align with your values and big picture life goals.

Source: Zillow

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