How to be a Great Neighbor

In order to live in a great neighborhood, and enjoy the comforts that come with being part of a tight knit community, you have to be a good neighbor yourself. There’s no shortage of examples of bad neighbors in popular culture (think Homer Simpson), but what does it mean to be a genuinely good neighbor?

Here are some ways to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with your neighbors:

Share important information

Providing new neighbors with a “need-to-know” checklist is a great way to build a strong relationship with the people next door. If you know a great dog walker or housekeeper, give your new neighbor a sheet with their contact information.

Be a responsible pet owner

If you have pets, you’ll need to keep them in check in order to keep your neighbors happy. Start with pet etiquette 101: clean up after your pooch.

Invite them over

Consider coordinating a community-wide project that neighbors can participate in together. Live by a senior citizen? Assemble a group of neighbors to help spruce up their yard or hang holiday lights.

Don’t Gossip

Avoiding gossip is a central component of being a good neighbor. There’s a difference between being a good and bad gossip, though- if a neighbor’s mother passes away, for example, communicating that news to other neighbors so people can attend the funeral is good gossip.

Source: Washington Post

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