Host an Awesome Pool Party

If you have a pool, you might be welcoming in the summer with a pool party. If you want the event to be a success, however, there are a lot of variables you’ll need to keep in mind.

Can’t keep track of all of the details yourself? Follow these tips to host an awesome pool party:

Check your pool

Make sure your pool is set to go. Do this by assessing the jet, lights, and filter. Make sure pH and chlorine levels are correct. Right beforehand, make sure there’s no leftover debris in the pool.

Pool games

There’s a good chance that guests will want to play pool games. Set out some games for both in and out of the water. Be sure to add pool accessories, like fun floats and pool noodles.

Food and beverages

Preparing classic summer food and beverages will go a long way. Think about items like ice pops, watermelon, and chips and dip. In terms of drinks, think about punch and lemonade. If you want to get creative, check out Pinterest. If you want to make a full meal, break out the BBQ!


Any party needs a good playlist. Think about summer and beachy hits. Make sure the volume is just right: you want your guests to be able to hear every note.


Remember that it’s a party! Don’t forget to make time to relax and have fun.

Source: Namco

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