Help Your Plants Make it Through the Winter

Winter is hard on everything, including your plants! Dryer air, less light, and cold temperatures make it tough for your plants to thrive.

The problems your plants have in the cold weather might tempt you to help them, but you might overcompensate and actually do them harm. Here are tips for helping your plants get through the winter with lots of life!


Different types of plants need different things in order to do well. Research your specific plant’s needs. If you’re not sure which kind of plant you have, there are some pretty universal pieces of advice to follow: slightly moist soil, good drainage, humidity, and ventilation.


It’s important before you water to ensure your pot has a hole for drainage and a saucer under it for any excess water. You know it’s time to water when the half-inch of soil at the top feels dry. If possible, use a narrow spout so the water goes down into the soil rather than splashing anything onto the leaves.


Many of the plants you have in your house actually originated in jungle climates. To mimic the humidity they are used to, you can put them on a tray with pebbles filled halfway with water. The water will evaporate and create humidity. Also, remember to use a spray bottle to mist your plant’s leaves.


In order to simplify the care of your plants, group them by their necessary care. Place them in the rooms of your home that best suit their needs.

Check In

It’s important to always keep an eye on your plants. A good way to do this is to inspect the different aspects of your plants whenever you water them.

Disease/pest prevention

It’s important to make sure your plants stay free from disease and pests. Be diligent about getting rid of dead leaves, as they provide cover to pests. Keep all tools clean and separate diseased plants.

Source: Zillow

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