Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring

As spring arrives, you’re probably daydreaming of a luscious lawn- but winter may have left it full of weeds. There is a range of steps you can take, however, that will get your lawn in top-notch order again.

Here are some tips for getting your lawn ready for spring:

Be proactive about weeds

Taking proper care of your lawn- watering, mowing, feeding- is a good way to prevent weeds. But if you already have weeds, it’s harder to get rid of them. For this, you can employ a preemergent herbicide as a proactive measure. Pre-existing weeds need to be pulled. Put sod or seeds in the empty spots of the lawn.


Lawnmowers have to be maintained. Be sure to change the oil and gas and make routine maintenance checks. You should also make sure it’s clean- particularly the blade.

Dead grass

If the layer of dead grass grows over an inch, it’s time to get rid of it. Otherwise, problems can arise. It can be prevented with aeration or not overusing pesticides and herbicides. But if you do need to get rid of dead grass, use a vertical mower or a power rake.

Starting over

If your lawn is in bad shape, you might want to just start from scratch. If it’s an annual lawn, get rid of the sod clutter. Prepare for a tough fight in getting rid of the perennial grasses: use clear plastic sheets or herbicide. Once it’s gone, put soil and a different type of grass in its place. Put bare soil or topsoil or composted manure on the soil, and then put down the sod or seeds according to the instructions. Be sure to water it frequently.

Start strong

A fertilizing schedule is important. Pick one and stick to it. Put the dates in your calendar when you start so you don’t forget.

Mow frequently and in alternating patterns at the beginning of the season. To make mowing easier in the future, use an edger or handheld half-moon tool. It’s also important to make sure your watering system is functioning well.

Source: Zillow

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