Getting Used to a New Neighborhood

Moving your entire life and settling up shop in a new neighborhood can be a big adjustment. After all, it’s not just the physical house that makes a place feel like home.

Thankfully, there are some great steps you can take to help you dive into your new neighborhood:


Find people with whom you have shared hobbies or interests. You can do this by finding clubs or groups around something you enjoy. Mutual interest is a great jumping off point for building a friendship.


If you’re a parent, look around for parent-child groups. It could be a walking group or one that meets for play dates. This will give both you and your child a chance to socialize.


Of course, the best way to get to a know a place is to explore it! Walk and drive around to learn everything you can.


If you want to take a more active role, throw a barbecue for your new neighbors. Invite each one of them and ask them to bring a dish they love. When the festivities are over, have them sign their name and contact information in a book.

Source: Bekins

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