Feng Shui Your Home

If you want to create the best energy in your home for potential buyers, it’s time to feng shui. You can even bring in a feng shui expert if you need some assistance.

Feng shui is all about balance and harmony. Though it originated in the idea of balancing the elements, it can easily translate to your home.


While water is a key in feng shui, make sure you’re not wasting it, as it represents financial abundance. Therefore, fix any leaky faucets or toilets. Close the toilet lid and bathroom door. This way, the energy of the bathroom won’t permeate the rest of the house.

If you want to have some water features, try a fountain or waterfall flowing towards your home. It represents money moving towards the home.

Front door

The front door represents the mouth through which abundance flows. To attract that abundance in the form of buyers, make sure your front door is attractive. Place colorful flowers on the porch, but make sure access to the door is not blocked at all. The doormat should be in good condition and the doorbell should be functional. If you really want to project prosperity, try coins or wind chimes.


If you can see your back door or a staircase from the front door, break up the energy with an area rug or table with flowers. This will keep the money from flowing out the door.


You should emphasize the colors red and green, with green symbolizing money and red symbolizing abundance. The easiest way to inject green into your home is with plants.

“Poison arrows”

“Poison arrows” are when too much energy is going into one place. A big example of this is barren corners. Place a small table or plant in these corners to divert the energy.

Office space

You don’t want the desk in your office to force your back to the door. You should also have plenty of plants.

Source: inman

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