Educational Activities for Kids

It’s a challenging time to be a parent, with the kids always home and often requiring our attention. It’s hard to know how to fill the time and keep your children engaged, while also tending to your other responsibilities. 

Here are some ways your kids can enjoy themselves and learn from home, on their own or with you:

Virtual Vacation

Take a virtual vacation and view some of the world’s most famous works of art, zoos, and historical sites. This could be an exciting opportunity for parents and kids to connect and learn.

Anne Frank House                           Machu Picchu

Atlanta Zoo                                        The Palestinian Museum

Buckingham Palace                         Melbourne Zoo

The British Museum                       The Northern Lights

Dublin Zoo                                        The Picasso Museum

Colosseum                                        The National Aquarium

The Met                                            The Pyramids

Hirakawa Zoo, Japan                    Salvador Dali Museum

Great Wall of China                       San Diego Zoo

The Louvre                                      Stonehenge

Free Audiobooks

Try a virtual storytime through these sites:

Crafts and Indoor Activities

Looking for easy, fun, and creative activities? Check out some of these:

Browse through 100+ ideas of crafts and activities for kids here!

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