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Downsizing 101: Where Do I Start?

There are many reasons to consider downsizing your living space. Maybe you just want less house to maintain and less “junk” to look after. Perhaps your nest is empty and you just don’t need all that space. Or you may be looking for a change of venue; moving to a more urban setting will likely mean a smaller home.

Whatever the reason for your move, downsizing your home and your stuff can be overwhelming to contemplate. I suggest breaking things down into manageable steps. Prioritize what you want by asking yourself: where do we want to be, when do we want to be there and what do we need to do in order to make it happen?

Consider your needs. What type of home will best suit you? A smaller house? A condominium or townhome? A retirement residence or assisted living community? Will you still need home office space or an extra room for visiting relatives?

Location, location. Where do you want to live? Is a suburban setting right for you, or are you seeking an environment closer to the attractions of a big city? Do you want to be near family? Good schools? Shopping?

Timing. When are you hoping to move? If you don’t need to make a change immediately, you can afford to take a more leisurely approach.

Inventory. Once you decide on the where and the when, it’s important to look at what is out there on the market. Peruse the ads in your targeted area and see what types of homes are available as well as pricing and the kind of space you will have.

Go shopping. Attend open houses, book showings, pore over photos on the Internet. Take a close look at the possibilities, and the enthusiasm you generate will help you tackle the next step in downsizing.

Call me to help you with the investigative work of searching out properties and making appointments to see them with you. Then we can go over the pros & cons to help you narrow down the right choice for you.

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