Designing the Perfect Living Room

The stuffy parlors from the past are gone. Living rooms are just that- the rooms where we live, where we now do everything. 

When designing your living room, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some tips:

Start with a plan, not pillows

The foundation of your living room’s design is a vision and a plan, not individual objects. Start by planning for real life- how do you intend to use your living room? How many places do you need to seat people? The layout and furniture plan should take your lifestyle into account. 

Invest in the couch

When deciding between sofas, it’s important to find a piece of high quality that will stand the test of time. The entry-level price range for your couch should be between $1,500 and $2,500, and you’ll also want to consider how much use the piece will receive.

Like with your layout plan, your choice of sofa should factor in your lifestyle. For instance, white mohair wouldn’t work well with sticky children’s hands and muddy paws. 

Use lighting to your advantage

A mix of natural, high, and low lighting will make a tremendous impact on your space. Lamps that support the overall aesthetic and act as sculptural notes will be in your collection forever, and for good reason. 

Great tables

Coffee tables can serve as the focal point of a living room, since the eye is drawn to their shape as it contrasts with the larger mass of your sofa. 

You’ll also want to incorporate accent tables as functional necessities- every seat needs a place to put their coffee cup or cocktail glass. You can find great accent tables at vintage shops or estate sales.

Select with purpose

Cletter stresses us out, and while you may want to add a lot of layers to your designs, there should be some tidiness to it. Take time with the process and select items thoughtfully so that every piece has a purpose and place.

Source: Curbed

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