Creating a Home Office 101

At first glance, working from home seems great. But what about your workspace? Does it feel like somewhere you can really be productive?

It’s important to design your ideal office space with attention and care. Here are some tips:


Pinterest can inspire awesome ideas, but they might not be right for a long work week. For instance, the beautifully upholstered chair might be aesthetic, but it also might not support your back for 50 hours of work. Be sure to keep things functional.

Efficiency and comfort

Computer screens should be at eye level or a bit lower: as you look down, your eyes will naturally moisten. Your keyboard should allow your arms to be parallel to the floor and your feet should be able to rest firmly on either the floor or a footrest. And your chair should be as comfortable as possible.


Though your instinct may be to put your desk in a corner, this will make you feel like you’re in a cubicle. Instead, station it parallel to a window. Additionally, add lamps for some extra brightness, especially for after the sun sets.


Filing cabinets will make your office seem drab and dreary. Instead, use large bookcases that will provide enough to space for your papers to not be spilling out. They’ll also look professional if you have to have a video conference. Don’t fall into the spiral of paper clutter that many with home offices find themselves in.


Though a desk is a priority, you’ll also need a space to be comfortable. Try a plush chair, ottoman, a throw, and some pillows. This will be useful for when you need a break or for when you need to mull things over.


Make sure to have some greenery in your office. It’ll really brighten up the space and many varieties don’t require much care.


Your office space should feel personal. Select some photos and then switch them out after a little while. Make sure to have tokens of success on display, as well as cartoons or posters that make you laugh.

In contrast, cover up eyesores. If you don’t want to have to look at your printer, tuck it into a closet. If you don’t want to see power cords, cover those up as well.

Be prepared

You don’t want to have to run all over your house to find the supplies you need. Keep some extras well stocked, in addition to some snacks and some coffee.

Source: Fast Company

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