Best Ways to Show Your House in the Spring

Spring is a special time for selling a home, so make the most of the sunshine and beautiful weather! Here are five tips on attracting buyers to your home this season.

The Yard

Make sure your yard is neat and beautiful. To ensure it’s as appealing as possible with the least effort, try plants that resist frost; this means your plants will remain alive and healthy no matter the weather. Consider using silk flowers as well (so you won’t have to worry about finding time to water them).


It’s time for spring cleaning! Buyers want to see a clean home, as the more pristine it is, the more they’ll want to spend time there.

Maximize Space

Use the weather to your advantage, and stow away your winter clothes. This will make your closets appear much more spacious. Buyers love the extra room!

Front Door

Make sure the entry is aesthetic by cleaning your welcome mat or replacing it with a fresh one! The winter can often leave mats looking worn out, so pick out a new one to spruce up your buyers’ first impressions.

The Spring Atmosphere

Capitalize on this beautiful time of year by using colors or floral patterns on the linens and pillows. Make your house smell like spring with scented candles, wildlife, and incense.

Source: HGTV

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