How to Achieve Maximum Coziness in the Winter

Gray skies don’t have to mean an unpleasant indoor life. As winter continues on, you may wish you could hibernate until spring- but there’s joy to be found in the quieter months of the year.

If you’d like a more satisfying way to spend a chilly evening than binge-watching your favorite TV streaming service, check out these ideas for making an intentionally delightful day out of drab weather:

Set the mood

Candles provide beautiful, soft lighting, while also adding warmth and scent to your space. Choose seasonal scents to inspire celebration, or consider choosing a summery scent to help combat the seasonal blues.


While cake is central to the cozy experience, it doesn’t just begin when you eat it- it begins when you buy the ingredients. Go to your favorite market, choose your ingredients carefully, and mix them with care. It’s a bonus that your baking will flood your space with delicious smells.

Introduce texture

Plush throws, sheepskins, and cushions make for a more inviting space. Cover your surfaces in as many luxurious fabrics and pillows as you can find and snuggle down.

Invite the neighbors

Do you tend to hide from your friends and neighbors as soon as the days get short? Invite your nearest and dearest over to share your coziness.

Board games

Whether you go for the competitive strategy variety or enjoy laugh-out-loud social games, there are options for everyone. If your board games have been gathering dust, it’s time to bring them out.

Source: Zillow

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