9 Ways to Pet Proof Your Home

Dogs and cats can be very cute, curious little creatures. Unfortunately, some of their ‘expeditions’ can cause some home damage. Here’s how to keep your companion animal safe in your home:


Prevent little paws from prying opening cabinets by using childproof latches. Also, make sure to place any dangerous or poisonous items such as medications, cleaners, chemicals and laundry supplies on high shelves.

Keep all food out of reach. Even if the actual food item isn’t harmful, the wrapper could be. To prevent animals from digging inside your garbage looking for food, keep all of your trash cans covered or inside of a latched cabinet.

Be sure to look out for and cover any small spaces, nooks, and holes inside of all cabinets and behind any larger appliances. Make sure your animal has not jumped into any appliance or dryer before you turn it on. Animals like exploring small spaces.

To prevent drowning or drinking of any dangerous cleaners or chemicals, keep your toilet lid closed.

Living/Family Room/Bedroom

Declutter your home. Make sure you put away any and all children’s toys and games, especially ones with bright colors or sounds that might attract your animal. Put away knick-knacks and any home accessories until your animal has the coordination and wherewithal to not knock them down. After you are done crafting or sewing, make sure to put all your supplies away. Threads can be dangerous to an animal.

Remove items that may be dangerous for an animal. Move common house plants that may be poisonous to an area that’s out of reach, such as the top of a kitchen cabinet (or, if you have a smaller animal, on a table). Pay close attention to hanging plants that may be jumped onto from nearby surfaces. Place dangling wires from lamps, DVD Players, televisions, radios and telephones out of your animal’s grasp.


Pay attention to your chemicals. Move all of them to high shelves or lock them behind closed doors. Be sure to clean all antifreeze from the floor and your driveway. One lick or taste can possibly kill your animal.

Bang on your car door to make sure that your animal isn’t hidden in the engine for warmth. This is surprisingly common, especially for cats.

Most of all, watch out for sharp tools and objects. Don’t forget to keep them out of reach.

Source: American Humane

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