7 Inexpensive Ways to Liven up Your Living Room

Who doesn’t love having a glamorous living room? As the centerpiece of your home, it’s important that your living room serve as a representation of who you are, while also functioning as an open, fitting space for R&R. Without breaking the bank, you can liven up your living room in a number of ways. Here are seven:

Shop your home

Rather than buying things from the store, look around your home and “buy” unused items from other rooms. Take a look at what’s lingering in the back of your closet or up in the attic that might make the room feel new again.


Look at what exactly you have on hand; then, choose a limited number of items to style vignettes around the room. Try to arrange your decor so the eye moves around the room in interesting ways. Play with height, contrast, color, and textures. Most of all, choosing meaningful items such as travel souvenirs or family photos will give the room a personal touch.

Add plants

Greenery is one of the best ways to liven up a space. Check out a local greenhouse, or perhaps connect with a gardening enthusiast, then find a vessel around the house for your new organic friend. Don’t have a green thumb or the time to take care of a plant? Simply get some plastic or silk flowers or greenery instead.  

Bring out the books

Books are beautiful, and it’s a bonus that they’re easy and cheap to come by. Place them on your coffee table or even create a shelf to add a traditional, homey feel. Remove the covers from hardcover books so as to make them look more elegant and decorative. Perhaps arrange them by color or size to give the space a more coordinated and organized feel.

Rearrange your furniture

Get acquainted with different parts of the space by moving your furniture around. Place your bookshelf next to the window for a change, or orient your sofa towards the fireplace instead of the television for a while.

Find beauty in the everyday

Take a look around your home for regular items that simply look pretty. It can be your collection of boots, an old scarf, or even that poster you made in the 7th grade that looks surprisingly nice when framed. Displaying these items in a conscious way not only transforms these nominal objects into accessories but also elevates the space.


Beyond the good feeling you get from making something with your own hands, DIY projects can serve as inexpensive ways to decorate. The items don’t have to be large or difficult- even a quick no-sew pillow can add something new to a room. Even better, combine step one and utilize items you already have in your home. Have a beautiful vase that doesn’t go with the blue theme of your room? Spray paint or add gold foil to it.

Source: Apartment Therapy

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