6 Ways to Affordably Update Your Kitchen

You don’t need to destroy your entire kitchen (or your wallet) to get a brand new look! Here are some easy ways to give your kitchen a refresh:

Get new handles and pulls

One of the quickest and easiest updates you can implement in your kitchen is getting new handles and pulls. Avoid getting something too personal or cutesy, though, as they tend to get old fast.

Paint your cabinets

New cabinets are really pricy, so give them a fresh coat of paint to give them a brand new look. Choose neutrals to create a modern look or even citrus-like colors to brighten up the space.

Paint an accent wall

Not game to spend hours painting kitchen cabinets? Do a single wall quickly instead. Go darker than normal. A good rule of thumb is to make it at least two shades darker than your other walls.

Hang a pendant light

Are you annoyed by your decades-old lighting fixture? Replace it with a colorful pendant. Good lighting is vital in any room, and this one detail can transform the entire space. You can easily find inexpensive lights at Home Depot or online.

Think about using small appliances as decorations

Orange refrigerators are probably too bold (and expensive) for most people. But have fun with everything else – a red toaster, a neon yellow mixer. These serve as light jewelry for your kitchen; you can always move them around.

Place a rug in front of the sink

It can do triple duty: make the space more comfortable on your feet, add a pop of color, and cover up any ugly flooring. Choose an indoor/outdoor option to make them both attractive and durable.

Source:  Good Housekeeping

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