6 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

Want to add some festive spirit to your home without being too cheesy? Here’s how to decorate your home while sticking to classic, fitting decor:

Play with Symmetry

If the room has symmetrical architecture, hang the same wreath on corresponding windows at the same height. Not only does it add some beautiful balance to the space, you can also use the wreaths as easy jumping-off points for spacing out the rest of your holiday decorations.

Add Pops of Green and Red

No matter what your year-round color scheme may be, transform your home into a holiday masterpiece with a few touches of green and red. With pillows, throws, accessories or even simple art pieces, the opportunities are endless. Furthermore, these decorations can last well beyond the holiday season.

Pile on the Layers

The best traditional rooms are often decorated with multiple layers, and the best way to do that is by incorporating multiple interesting textures. The woodsy, natural feeling of wreaths, christmas trees, and other plants contrasts perfectly with the cozy, grandiose furniture that is often kept in traditional spaces.

Keep It Balanced

Add elements of christmas decor that vary in height in order to make sure the room remains well-balanced. Move down from art or wreaths on walls, to decor on the mantle, to some red accessories on your coffee tables and couches so that there’s something visually appealing at every level of the room. This will help make the room look organized and beautiful without being cluttered or overwhelming.

Infuse Metallic Hues

While the traditional christmas shades can easily add some festive flair to a space, they can often be overwhelming to the eye. For a fresh reprieve, try a metallic approach by adding some silver and gold.

Display Seasonal Treasures

Over the years, you’ve likely inherited some seasonal treasures or family heirlooms. Create a charming display by arranging them together on a dining table sideboard or a shelf in your living room. Not only will this honor family tradition, but it can also serve as a wonderful conversation piece for any guests that may visit your home.

Source: HGTV

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