5 Steps to an Organized Kitchen

For most people, the kitchen is usually the most utilized area of their home. It serves as a central hub where everything gets done, and the more organized it is, the better. Unfortunately, it’s easy to let things fall to disrepair or become cluttered over a long enough period of time.

Here are five steps you can take to ensure an organized kitchen:

Empty Your Cabinets

Pull out every item from your drawers, shelves, cabinets, and so on. Dump or donate tools that are damaged or rarely used. It might be tedious, but most kitchens are short on storage space so only keep the items your really need or love.

Organize Your Cabinets

Sort all of the items and group them together. Place cooking items together, everyday plates and cups together, fruits and vegetables together, etc. Then, place these objects in their designated drawer or cabinet (or refrigerator). Be sure to also consider where you are placing these items- for instance, utensils should be in a drawer close to your prep station.

Fill Clear Containers

Containers can really streamline your cabinets. Group similar items together, like hot cereal packets and coffee, and put them in small plastic containers. In doing so, your various kitchen items and foods won’t be scattered haphazardly and you’ll be able to easily see what’s inside each container.

Use Lazy Susans

Rotating trays can be used to hold things such as oils, vinegars, spices, vitamins, or medications. You can even use a few Lazy Susans in your refrigerator. This not only makes things easier to find, but will increase the likelihood of you using a particular item before its sell-by date, thus saving you money in the long run.

Make Use of Drawer Dividers

These are great for decluttering your utensil drawers and the ever-so-famous junk drawer. That way, every little item has a place and you don’t have to grow through piles of items when you need it.

Source: HGTV

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