Why 2018 is a Great Year for Selling Your Home

If you’re on the brink as to whether or not to sell your home this year, Trulia’s new survey might convince you that it’s the right thing to do! Trulia, an online residential real estate site, sponsored a survey that showed 2018 is the best year to put a home on the market.

Zillow also agrees with the prediction, based on the number of buyers being significantly higher than the number of current sellers. This is making sellers believe they can list their homes for very high prices that buyers can’t afford.

Here are some more reasons why you should capitalize on the 2018 market!

Over-Eager Buyers

This year, buyers have been trying to get a jump on the real estate market. The last couple of years have seen a low supply, which means buyers want to see what new homes are out there. Though many began house hunting in January, buyers are expected to be searching all year.

Decreased Interest Rates

A reduction in interest rates will help convince buyers to make an offer. However, there are predictions that they will slowly increase over time, so buyers will want to make offers before this happens.

Property Tax Changes

Shifting tax regulations have made people want to move in order to find areas with lower property taxes. The new legislation primarily impacts those in higher-priced areas.

Timing of Renovations

Zillow expects that most people will concentrate on remodeling, rather than selling this year. Take advantage of others using their time and money this way to put your home up for sale! If you choose to make renovations now, you probably won’t make a profit off of them in the near future.

Source: US News

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